Improving livelihoods of communities, one household at a time
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Nakuru Office: P.O Box 3320, Nakuru, Kenya
Nairobi Office: 11820 (00100) GPO, Nairobi, Kenya

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  Our partners

We do partner with the following organizations;
  • Mission Africa Auburn
    A Nigerian based Mission Africa branch supporting the local community in health, education and community projects (Read more)

  • Mission Africa Tanzania:
    Tanzanian based Mission Africa branch which supports the orphans and the needy.(Read more)
  • Basikimo Compassion:
    A local NGO in Ndeffo, Nakuru caring for and sponsor the needy, the homeless and underpreviledged children.



Visit to Basikimo Group
Visit to Basikimo partners in Ndeffo, Nakuru, Kenya