Improving livelihoods of communities, one household at a time
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Nakuru Office: P.O Box 3320, Nakuru, Kenya
Nairobi Office: 11820 (00100) GPO, Nairobi, Kenya

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Improved livelihoods of communities, one household at a time

AHI was founded in Kenya in 2002 to respond to emerging household and community crisis resulting from the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1990s, particularly to support the orphans. The same target communities were further adversely affected by the 2007/2008 tribal crisis that rocked Kenya on the wake of elections. This means the gains made till 2007 were lost as these communities were displaced from their households.

Since 2009, these communities have gone back to rebuild their livelihoods in very deep despair and limited resources. These household lost all their assets during the crisis to arson and robbery. The challenges have


been magnified with a large number of elderly widows and orphans with no support system. The activities of AHI have therefore evolved to support the community as a whole.

Homes constructed by government for resettlement
Resettlement houses constructed by the government